Upcoming Events



January 7th -  Cruise Meeting

January 10th -  School of Rock / Bible Study

January 12th - 15th -  Youth Winter Retreat

January 15th -  Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

January 17th -  School of Rock / Bible Study

January 24th -  School of Rock / Bible Study

January 28th -  Baptism Sunday

January 31st -  School of Rock / Bible Study



February 2nd - 5th - Church Cruise

February 7th -  School of Rock/ Bible Study

February 10th - School of Rock Grand Prix

February 11th - Truth Seekers/Faithful Class Valentine Party

February 11th - Youth Fellowship

February 14th - School of Rock/ Bible Study

February 17th - Children’s Ministry Stone Mountain

February 21st - No Wednesday Night Activities





















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